Why does this newsletter exist? 🏴

The Misfit Way is a Weekly newsletter 🗞️ with 1500+ misfits, learning about the art and business of personal branding.

Why personal branding?

It showed me opportunities I didn’t think possible.
It opened doors I thought were closed.
It took me through the paths less traveled.
It made me feel accepted for who I am.
It showed me my signal in a world full of noise.

And it’s my responsibility to pass this knowledge back to the world.

To help someone like me, solve the problems I’ve solved,
And explore the freedom of being a misfit.

It’s my duty to help a lost misfit find their way back home.

But most importantly,

To do it their way, The misfit way.

And I know,
This a big hairy audacious goal.

But if I can have 1500+ misfits (and counting) to join me on this journey,
I can impact a million.

It might take a year, it might take a decade, and it might take a lifetime.

But it is possible,
One misfit at a time.

On a journey to build a nation of misfits,
A home for the homesick,
And an escape from the sickness of home.

That’s why I invite you to join me on this misfit journey.

A newsletter without the hustle, a conversation without the pain, and a community without the judgment.

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